Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Inspired by Mythological stories. 
Adapted by 'Samundra Manthan' in a Metal Robotic art in my own concept.

Every year across the world thousands of people are killed due to inter-religion and intra-religion differences; in this context this art work has its own importance. This painting which is the amalgamation of worlds two finest religion Buddhism (Gautam Buddha) and Hinduism (Lord Ganesha) also the symbolic representation of unity and peace, says us to stay together. Because whatever the path is, the destiny is same. Another aspect of the painting is its color; mainly it has two colors, green and red. Where green represents positive side of the universe, the growth, the fruitfulness; the red represents destruction, danger. And it is the universal phenomena that where there is growth there is destruction; it is the two sides of the same corner. We have to live with it. 
And also there is Blue & Yellow. Where Yellow means Joy & Happiness where Blue symbolize peace, inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.